This is a video response to an “Ask Me Anything” Session on my website

The Questions answered are:

How to make friends when I`m in the “anti-friend zone”?
How to avoid attachment when visualizing goals?
How can we balance between spontaneity and planning?
How to get out of my comfort zone smoothly?
Doesn’t awakening to a higher reality negate the purpose of incarnating into a lower one?
Is there any relation between Karma and Duality?
Is death imposed upon us or is it a choice?
Is shifting to another reality a process of refining and adjusting or instant?
Should I have a wish before I meditate or let the wish come up in Meditation?
Should I continue using the Reality Creation Technique even if its not working?
Should I use several different techniques for manifesting or only one?
Does Lucid Dreaming accelerate Manifesting?
How can I find out my life purpose?
How can I mend a broken heart after the one I love has chosen someone else?
How can you make sure you remain aligned to the desired reality after you’ve released it?
Is it the main goal of life to be connected to the ONE?
How can I overcome feeling insecure around other people?
How can I feel good without techniques and effort?
How can I deal with the anxieties that come up while creating a new reality?
Are there good forces in the universe that can help us evolve even when we’re stuck?
Fred, what is your purpose in life and why have you chosen it?
Fred, what is your life like right now? How different are your goals from what they used to be?
What or who determines our intentions? Do they always come from our higher self to engrave our lifes path?
How can I overcome stuttering?
My daughter says she travels to distant universes in her sleep. What really happens during sleep?
How can I really accept myself as I am now?
How can I change an area of my body that I don’t like?
Is healing or helping someone really changing the person or is it me going into a parallel universe where that person is different?
What are relationships about? What really happens when connecting with others?
What or who determines our intentions and do they always come from our higher selves to engrave our lifes path?
Fred, what is your morning and evening routine?
Fred, who do you think will be the next U.S. President based on current energy levels?
How can I help someone who has cancer?