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2022 – Florida

Levels of Energy

2022 – Orlando

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2019 – Dallas

Levels of Energy

“In school you were taught to repeat what authority tells you. The conditioning carries over into adulthood, unless you take conscious control of the mind. Then, you start creating your reality”

- Frederick Dodson


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 “I have enjoyed your writings, particularly ‘Parallel Universes of Self'”!

- Robert Scheinfeld


“One of my favorite and highly recommended books is “Parallel Universes of Self” by Frederick Dodson”.

- Richard Bartlett


“Reality Creation Coaching has been the most consciousness-expanding journey of my life. Fred Dodson is a very humorous coach, full of surprises and willing to go the extra-mile for any client.”

- Bryan Addinall


“I enjoyed your book “Parallel Universes of Self” very much.”

- Salih Al-Rashed

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